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Are you bursting with a brilliant nonfiction book idea?

Yet you're feeling lost and in need of guidance to kickstart your writing journey.

Or maybe you're stuck in the middle of the writing process, desperately seeking a lifeline to help you navigate through the tangled maze of words. Even if you've proudly finished your first draft, you now find yourself wondering, “What's next?

About Andrea

Andrea Susan Glass, the owner of WritersWay, is ready to help you conquer any challenges you may encounter on the book journey. When it comes to guidance, support, and accountability, a book coach is your secret weapon. With her wealth of experience in the book industry, and a profound understanding of nonfiction writing, coach Andrea is your ultimate ally in unlocking your full potential in achieving your writing dreams.

Your Fabulous First Book workbook to learn to write

Take advantage of this opportunity to supercharge your writing and set yourself on the path to success

Whether you're a new author needing direction, or a published author needing guidance for the next steps,  Andrea Susan Glass and the Writing That Book community are here to empower you.
Together, we'll turn your writing dreams into reality. 

Schedule a complimentary 15-minute introductory meeting


Together you’ll tackle any obstacles standing in your way and receive invaluable feedback on your writing. Working hand in hand, you and your coach will craft a tailor-made plan for your writing sessions and process, establish a realistic publishing timeline, and devise a strategic launch schedule. With Andrea as your book coach and the WTB community, you’ll have the perfect balance of accountability and encouragement to stay focused and motivated throughout your book writing and publishing journey.


Schedule a 15-minute introductory meeting


Let's get to know each other and discuss where you are in your writing and publishing process. I'm happy to offer feedback that can help you on your journey. If you're interested, I'll share a bit about the value of working with a book coach and joining a membership site. 



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